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Admin Request JoK3r


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»Име и второ име: blagovest milevski
»Сървърен ник:JoK3r
»Първите 7 цифри от вашия PNC (персонален цифров код):5943307
»Време на игра, потърсете вашето име тук (  https://www.gametracker.rs /server_players/   :  https://www.gametracker.rs/player/
»Steam ID: 76561199134427226
»Steam профилна връзка: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/ 76561199134427226/
»Присъединихте се към нашия discord?:yes
»Прочетохте ли правилата?:gennu
»Можете ли да помогнете да платим месечното ни увеличение:yes
»Защо искате да бъдете част от екипа?:да помогнете на други администратори, така че да има не е злоупотреба в сървъра .59

»Други споменавания:

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You're playing for such a long time on the server and still didn't read the rules, it doesn't mater if you get all the pro votes as long as you don't read the rules. By saying "yes" you're just embarrassing yourself, imagine being on the server for so long and lying about reading the rules , might as well lie about helping with the server boost. 

And also, how are you going to help other admins " so that there is no abuse in the server "?

If you don't know the rules how are you going to recognize an abuse? Your words, not mine. 



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