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Cerere admin unicul


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» Nume Real : Alb andrei
» Nick Server :unicul 
» Varstă :18
» Primele 7 cifre din CNP :5031127 
» Locația :Deva
» Ore jucate, cauta numele tau aici:https://www.gametracker.rs/server_players/
» Steam ID  : - 
» Steam Profile Link :-
» Intri in grupul nostru de discord? (Obligatoriu) : normall
» Ai citit regulamentul serverului ? :bine, il stiu!
» Puteti ajuta la plata bostului lunar (raspunde doar daca vei face donatie: poate da
» De ce vrei acest grad pe server ? : sa ajut serveru si playeri noi veniti. 
» Alte mențiuni :kiss love



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You are a active player, i see u play all the time, you are nice and even helping others, a tip i can give you is that if you have been declined several times try to update your application, put in more words more info, really prove that u want to become one of the crew, /pro


Good Luck

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