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Admin Request (Gahb)


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»First and Second name: Rafael Gebrail
»Server nick: Gahb
»The first 7 digits from your PNC(personal numeric code):1999-07-30
»Location: Sweden, Stockholm
»Played time , search your name here( https://www.gametracker.rs/server_players/  :https://www.gametracker.com/player/Gahb/
»Steam id:STEAM_0:0:370178
»Steam profile link:https://steamcommunity.com/id/Roffe99/
»Joinned on our discord?: Yes I'v joined your discord server
»Did you read the rules?: Yes i read all the rules and understood them all for most part, just have to keep reading them and checking for updates.
»Can you help to pay our lunary boost: Unfortunately i'm unemployed at the moment there for the more activity to gaming, but later on i'd be honored to help this community to keep rising 
»Why do you wish to be part of the team?: First off i can start  with the server it has everything i want witch makes it so much more fun to stick around, and the admin crew has always been so nice and answers all the question i have had. that made me want to try out for an application to join your amazing crew
»Other mentions: just that i hope u all are having a amazing day and looking forward to help the community. See you ingame////Gahb

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4 minutes ago, alexafm said:


pentru bindu de armura 

si imi pare rau ca nu am filmat 

ca sa pun dovada aicea

Um thats a first, i never use any binds i'm just fast with the keyboard and when u know the combination for armor m297 it is just muscle memory, i can asure you that i never ever use any kind of binds or hacks, just removes the fun out of the whole gameplay, but thank u for taking your time you review me, hava a nice day////Gahb

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