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Nume Real : Sasa Rupar
» Nick Server : sasasrb
» Varstă : 18
» Primele 7 cifre din CNP :1506003
» Locația : Serbia , Belgrade 
» Ore jucate, cauta numele tau aici :https://www.gametracker.rs/player/
» Steam ID  : 76561198814716279 
» Steam Profile Link :
» Intri in grupul nostru de discord? (Obligatoriu) : im already on discord
» Ai citit regulamentul serverului ? : okeybarosane.
» Puteti ajuta la plata bostului lunar : probably because i have my job so i can maybe spare some money  
» De ce vrei acest grad pe server ? :  I have a lot of  experience in this job , im doing it for like 5 years ...I would like to help the rest of the team by being active and working hard... I can spend 3-6 hours on the server to watch the players not to abuse lasermine and other things because theres a lot of them...Only bad thing about me is because im from Serbia and i dont understand yours language but i can help foreign  players who doesnt know Romanian too.
» Alte mențiuni : No

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